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Searching for a professional furniture moving service? AOA Moving Services specializes in handling all types of furniture moves, ensuring your items are moved safely and efficiently, whether locally or long-distance.

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Skilled handling, meticulous care, and personalized service. We ensure your furniture is moved with the utmost precision

What is Included

Furniture Movers

What does a Furniture Moving Service Include?

Pickup, load and unload services

Full Packing Service


Supply materials delivery

Custom Moving Services

AOA Moving Services excels in both small and heavy furniture moving. From personal belongings and small appliances to large items like sofas and pianos, we’ve got you covered. Our team provides free estimates, efficient packing, pickup, loading, storage and unloading services, and can cater to specific moving requirements with our custom moving option.


Furniture Moving Services Overview


Small Furniture Moving:


  • AOA assists with moving small furniture items and household appliances, such as:
    • Boxes of personal belongings
    • Small appliances (microwaves, toaster ovens)
    • Lamps, light fixtures
    • Electronics (computers, printers, gaming consoles)
    • Artwork, wall decor
    • Chairs, stools

Heavy Furniture Moving:


  • AOA is equipped for heavy furniture moves, including:
    • Sofas, sectionals
    • Dining tables, chairs
    • China cabinets, hutches
    • Armoires, wardrobes
    • Desks, bookcases
    • Bed frames, mattresses
    • Dressers, nightstands
    • Large clocks (grandfather clocks)
    • Pool tables, game tables
    • Pianos


The AOA team is skilled in handling a diverse range of furniture moving needs, ensuring each item is transported safely and efficiently!


Our process for furniture moving is streamlined for ease and efficiency

Moving Process

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Simply call us or complete the online form. The team will confirm any information they require.



A free moving quotation will then be generated and sent to your email and mobile device.

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Operator Reminder


The customer reminders are 1-2 days before the move, as well as half an hour before the truck is due to arrive.

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Move Day


The team will handle everything for the customer, starting with necessary checks, protecting your goods, loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings.

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Why Our Furniture Moving Services Stand Out: Efficiency, Quality, and Care

Our Strength


of satisfied customers

AOA Moving Services is known for its quick, quality service, featuring an experienced team, clean and well-maintained moving trucks, and the ability to provide same-day service when needed. Our professional approach ensures minimal risk of damage to your furniture and property​

Why Choose AOA Moving Services

Fully Insured and Licensed

We are fully insured and licensed moving company within the state of long-distance moves.


We have professional moving company, who are committed to do the job and provide excellent services.

Special care of your belongings

We use premium quality moving blankets to protect your furniture and walls.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in transparency and honesty. Our clients never receive any unexpected fees on their bills

Assembling & Reassembling

Every member of our team have done professional training in furniture assembly and disassembly.

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Our Reviews

Expert and reliable, our moving services earn high praise for efficiency and care in every job.

5-Star Moving Company

Our Awards

Award-winning, our company is recognized for exceptional service and outstanding moving solutions.

Achievements Speak For Us

AOA Moving Services is well-known for its expertise in furniture moving, and we have received recognition for our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Our team’s competence in moving both little and large pieces of furniture has earned us a reputation as trustworthy and thorough movers. Our experienced approach provides safe and efficient transportation of fragile gadgets, big couches, or sensitive artwork, making us a trusted partner for any furniture moving needs.

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Explore our FAQ for more information about our furniture moving services. We've got all the details you need.

Answers On Questions

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Can AOA move electronic equipment?

Yes, AOA specializes in safely moving electronics like computers and gaming consoles.

Does AOA provide packing materials for furniture moves?

Absolutely, AOA supplies all necessary packing materials, including boxes and wraps.

Are pianos included in heavy furniture moving services?

Yes, AOA is equipped to move pianos and other large furniture items.

Can AOA handle the moving of delicate artwork?

Yes, AOA has the expertise to carefully move and transport artwork and wall decor.

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