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Searching for reliable student moving services? AOA Moving Services specializes in offering tailored, affordable, and efficient moving solutions for students, covering everything from dorm moves to study-abroad relocations

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Specialized solutions, budget-friendly rates, and a focus on student needs. We make moving in or out of dorms and apartments hassle-free.

What is Included

Student Moving

What does a Student Moving Service Include?

Pickup, load and unload services

Full Packing Service


Supply materials delivery

Custom Moving Services

AOA caters to students moving in or out of dormitories, apartments, or homes, understanding the unique challenges and budget constraints of student life. Whether it’s a local move within Massachusetts, Texas or Washington or a long-distance relocation, we provide a range of services including packing, loading, unloading, storage and efficient material supply delivery. We also offer custom moving services to meet the diverse needs of student moves.


If you search for cheap long-distance move: shared long distance loads, then this might be an option for you. They do however take longer, sometimes 10 to 40 days.


Choose AOA for a stress-free moving experience, designed with students in mind.


Importance of Student Moves


For students, moving is not just a logistic challenge but also a significant step in their educational journey. Affordable and swift moving services like those offered by AOA are crucial, allowing students to transition smoothly between academic phases without financial strain or time loss.


Our process for student moves is straightforward and designed to minimize stress

Moving Process

Make Contact


Simply call us or complete the online form. The team will confirm any information they require.



A free moving quotation will then be generated and sent to your email and mobile device.

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Operator Reminder


The customer reminders are 1-2 days before the move, as well as half an hour before the truck is due to arrive.

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Move Day


The team will handle everything for the customer, starting with necessary checks, protecting your goods, loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings.

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Why Students Prefer Our Moving Services: Speed, Affordability, and Reliability

Our Strength


successful student moves

Our student moving services are known for quick, efficient, and quality-focused solutions. We understand the importance of timing and budget for students and offer shared long-distance load options for more economical moves. Our experienced team ensures a low risk of damage and no injuries, making the process safe and smooth.

Why Choose AOA Moving Services

Fully Insured and Licensed

We are fully insured and licensed moving company within the state of long-distance moves.


We have professional moving company, who are committed to do the job and provide excellent services.

Special care of your belongings

We use premium quality moving blankets to protect your furniture and walls.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in transparency and honesty. Our clients never receive any unexpected fees on their bills

Assembling & Reassembling

Every member of our team have done professional training in furniture assembly and disassembly.

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Our Reviews

Expert and reliable, our moving services earn high praise for efficiency and care in every job.

5-Star Moving Company

Our Awards

Award-winning, our company is recognized for exceptional service and outstanding moving solutions.

Achievements Speak For Us

AOA is widely recognized for excellent student moving services, earning praise for our adaptability to student needs and commitment to quality.

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Dive into our FAQ for more details about our student moving services. We've covered everything you need to know.

Answers On Questions

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Do AOA's student moving services include packing?

Yes, AOA offers comprehensive packing services for students, including all necessary materials, with charges only for the materials used.

Can AOA handle long-distance student moves?

Absolutely, AOA provides long-distance moving services for students, ensuring a safe and efficient relocation process. We also have an inexpensive long-distance relocation alternative: shared long distance loads, which may be a possibility for you. They do, however, take longer, sometimes ranging from 10 to 40 days. Contact us to find more.

Are AOA's student moving services affordable?

Yes, AOA’s services are budget-friendly, tailored to meet the financial constraints of students.

Does AOA provide storage options for students?

Yes, AOA offers storage solutions for students, which can be particularly useful during summer breaks or study abroad periods.

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