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Movers for Students

If you have been searching for student movers near me, look no further, you have come to the best student moving company that can help you with all the aspects of your move. At AOA Moving company, we care for our customer’s needs and provide only top quality service at affordable rates.
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    Movers for students

    Movers for students would be needed when they are moving in or out of their dormitories, apartments, or houses during the beginning or end of a school year. Additionally, they may also require student moving services if they are studying abroad and need to move their belongings to a storage unit.

    Student moving services

    Our student moving services include a wide range of quality services that make your move hassle-free and smooth-running. Take a look at these dorm moving services below:

    Long-distance moving

    If you are moving from movers from Boston to Pittsburgh, AOA Moving can assist you.

    Packing services

    Our packing services include all materials required such as boxes, tape, furniture wrap, etc. Customers are only charged for the materials used, and our packing team will pack your dorm room for you.

    Pickup, load and unload services

    Our friendly delivery team is ready to pick up your goods, load them in the vehicle, and unload them at your new residence.

    Supply materials delivery

    We offer efficient and timely delivery of goods to customers.

    Custom moving services

    AT AOA Moving, we understand that every move has some complex requirements, therefore we also provide custom moving services.

    It seems with Boston interstate movers from AOA Moving, everything is covered.

    How to hire packers and movers for students?

    Hiring moving services for students that include student moving and storage is a simple process, let’s take you through it:

    1. Get an estimate
    2. Call back
    3. Confirmation email
    4. Reminders
    5. On move day
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    Get an estimate

    Simply complete the form online.

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    Call back

    Receive a callback from one of our customer service team members, with the details of your move, and to confirm a few things.

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    Confirmation email

    After you accept our quotation, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your move.

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    You will receive reminders about your move, two weeks prior, one day prior, and also 30 minutes before the truck arrives.

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    On move day

    On your long awaited move day our team of packers and movers for students will be ready to pack, pick up, load and unload your goods at your new home.

    Benefits of choosing AOA moving company for students

    AOA Moving Services has been recognized as one of the leading student services moving companies to deal with in Massachusetts. Let’s take a look at some benefits of using our services:

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    Our services are quick and efficient, with all our deliveries being treated as express.

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    We provide only quality services, and use quality materials for our moves.

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    Experienced and friendly team

    Our team is experienced in handling all aspects of your move and are waiting with a friendly smile should you have any questions about your move.

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    Shared long distance loads

    If you are looking for cheap student movers, then this might be an option for you. They do however take longer, sometimes 10 to 40 days.

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    Low damage risk

    Our delivery team is experienced and knows just how to protect your furniture. By using AOA Moving, you stand no risk of damaged walls, house, or goods.

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    No Injuries

    Our friendly team at AOA are familiar with health and safety standards, therefore with us handling your move, you won’t have any injuries or have to worry about hitting a bridge.

    Final Thoughts

    The team at AOA Moving understands how challenging college moving is, and we know that you are already nervous about your move. Therefore, we are the dorm room movers to choose! Whether you are looking for interstate movers in Massachusetts or a moving company for students, AOA Moving is here to help you with a friendly smile. Get your free estimate on our website today!


    Complete the form below and an associate will get back to you regarding your free moving estimate. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you keep your belongings safe and secure in your upcoming move.

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      We provide different options for long-distance moving. We are currently offering exclusive move and shared moves.
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