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In need of specialized moving labor? AOA Moving Services offers professional labor-only moving solutions, covering all aspects of loading, unloading, and furniture arrangement, whether for local or long-distance moves

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Skilled manpower, efficient execution, and flexible service. We handle the heavy lifting for you

What is Included

labor-only movers

What does a Labor-Only Moving Service Include?

Pickup, load and unload services

Full Packing Service


Supply materials delivery

Custom Moving Services

AOA Moving Services provide only the best local movers to load trucks for your long or short distance moves. More often than not, especially when moving far, it can get pricey, but with professional moving labor the pricing can drop significantly. If you only need to focus on movers to load trucks and not other services like white glove move or last minute moving services, then you can save money by choosing a moving company that specializes in loading and unloading services.


Key Features of AOA Moving Services:

  • Same-day Service: AOA is equipped to offer same-day moving services to meet urgent requirements (if needed).
  • Efficiency: The AOA team is highly efficient, ensuring that every job is completed thoroughly.
  • Local and Long-Distance Moves: Catering to a wide range of needs, AOA provides both local and long-distance moving services.
  • Safety and Care: With AOA’s professional movers, the risk of injury, as well as damage to property or belongings, is significantly minimized, ensuring a safe and secure move.


The process to hire AOA's labor-only services is simple and customer-friendly.

Moving Process

Make Contact


Simply call us or complete the online form. The team will confirm any information they require.



A free moving quotation will then be generated and sent to your email and mobile device.

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Operator Reminder


The customer reminders are 1-2 days before the move, as well as half an hour before the truck is due to arrive.

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Move Day


The team will handle everything for the customer, starting with necessary checks, protecting your goods, loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings.

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Why AOA Stands Out for Labor-Only Services: Speed, Expertise, and Safety

Our Strength


of happy customers

Choose AOA for rapid, expert, and safe labor-only moving services. Our team is fast, ensuring moves are completed within 3-5 business days, and offers same-day service when needed. We handle both local and long-distance moves, minimizing the risk of damage or injury​​.

Why Choose AOA Moving Services

Fully Insured and Licensed

We are fully insured and licensed moving company within the state of long-distance moves.


We have professional moving company, who are committed to do the job and provide excellent services.

Special care of your belongings

We use premium quality moving blankets to protect your furniture and walls.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in transparency and honesty. Our clients never receive any unexpected fees on their bills

Assembling & Reassembling

Every member of our team have done professional training in furniture assembly and disassembly.

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Our Reviews

Expert and reliable, our moving services earn high praise for efficiency and care in every job.

5-Star Moving Company

Our Awards

Award-winning, our company is recognized for exceptional service and outstanding moving solutions.

Achievements Speak For Us

AOA Moving Services is known for its efficiency, safety, and adaptability, earning us a great reputation and awards. Our same-day service ability and skill in both local and long-distance moves show our commitment to varied client needs. Our team’s efficiency and carefulness are central to our success, making sure every move meets top standards. This focus on quality and customer happiness is the core of our respected status in the moving sector.

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Explore our FAQ for more information about our labor-only service. We've got all the details you need.

Answers On Questions

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What are labor-only movers?

Labor-only movers are professional moving experts who provide a range of moving services, including loading and unloading of trucks, packing and unpacking, and moving items around your home or office. They do not provide transportation, but they can help with all other aspects of your move.

Do I need to provide any equipment or tools?

No, our labor-only movers will bring all necessary equipment and tools to complete your move safely and efficiently. This includes dollies, hand trucks, furniture pads, and moving straps.

Does AOA offer same-day moving services?

Yes, AOA provides same-day moving services when required.

Can AOA handle both local and long-distance moves?

Yes, AOA offers services for both local and long-distance relocations.

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