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AOA Moving Services: The #1 Long Distance Moving Provider in Massachusetts

If you are moving from Massachusetts to any state in America, and you’re looking for professional long distance movers to help ease the load, look no further, AOA Moving Services is just a phone call away.
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    What is long-distance moving?

    A local move is usually at distances less than 150 miles. Long distance moving would usually be anything further than this. AOA Moving Services offers both local and long distance moving services from Massachusetts to your chosen destination within the United States of America. The AOA team also offers commercial moving services, as well as storage facilities. We also offer an outstanding packing service to help take the load off your shoulders.

    What out-of-state moving options are included?

    AOA Moving Services is the best company for long distance moves from the Massachusetts area to any state in America. These are just a few examples:

    from Massachusetts to California;
    from Massachusetts to North Carolina;
    from Massachusetts to New Hampshire;
    from Massachusetts to Texas;
    from Massachusetts to Maryland;
    from Massachusetts to Washington DC;
    from Massachusetts to Virginia;
    from Massachusetts to South Carolina;
    or from Massachusetts To Georgia.

    The out-of-state movers at AOA Moving Services are ready to care for it all for you!

    How to order local moving services?

    Let’s walk through our local moving company’s simple ordering process:
    1. Get an Estimate.
    2. Callback
    3. Receive Estimate
    4. Confirmation Email.
    5. Reminders.
    6. Delivery day
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    Get an Estimate.
    Getting a free quote is easy, you can either give us a call, email us, or complete the online form to request your estimate.
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    Once we receive your request, a member of the team will contact you to confirm any information required.
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    Receive Estimate.
    Receive our estimate and review.
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    Confirmation Email.
    Once you approve our estimate you will receive a confirmation email. At this point, any rearranging should be finalized.
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    You will receive a reminder the day before move day to confirm finer details.
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    Delivery day
    On delivery day, a member of the team will contact you when the driver is 30 mins away from the pickup. Thereafter, the team handles the rest.

    Interstate moving services from AOA Moving

    The interstate moving services at AOA Moving are top notch, you can be sure of the following:
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    Quick Turnaround
    Our interstate moving services offer a quick turnaround time, with just 3-4 days delivery time.
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    Quality Service
    Our interstate movers team offers our customers services of the best quality before, during, and after your move.
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    Experienced Team
    Our team members have years of experience in moving both residential and commercial customers.

    Final Thoughts

    Our affordable long distance movers at AOA Moving Services handles the entire process for you, while you take care of other necessary tasks for your move, and focus on the excitement of the move, and say your goodbyes. New customers get $20 off their first order. Let our long-distance movers take the load off your move, get your estimate now!


    How much does it cost to move across the country?

    The cost of every move will be unique to its requirements, location, distance, size, date, season, etc. It would be best to take inventory and get an estimate from affordable reputable movers to move out of state, such as AOA Moving Services.

    How do I hire movers?

    Hiring movers for long distances such as AOA Moving Services is an easy process. Simply give us a call or complete the online estimate request form, and a team member will contact you.

    How to move across the country?

    To successfully move across the country you want to be sure to choose the best long-distance moving company. The team at AOA Moving Services is experienced and described as the best of the best.

    How to find a moving company?

    You want to be sure you find a long-distance movers company that is fully compliant in terms of insurance, and a carrier license for transportation. AOA Moving Services is fully compliant with both an MS and US DOT number, look no further.


    Complete the form below and an associate will get back to you regarding your free moving estimate. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you keep your belongings safe and secure in your upcoming move.
    Call: 857 444 3000
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      We provide different options for long-distance moving. We are currently offering exclusive move and shared moves.
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