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We understand that pianos are not only expensive, but they also carry sentimental value which is why we at AOA Moving are piano movers services that treat them with the utmost care and respect. Whether you are looking for a piano moving company near me for a move across town or interstate piano movers, our expert piano movers will transport your piano safely and efficiently.
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    Why do you need piano movers?


    Not knowing how to move a piano can be difficult work, it is heavy in weight and fragile like glass. One bump from the right angle and it’s goodbye to the nice sounding instrument. It could work out costly if you don't hire local piano movers. Professional movers have the necessary tools, experience, and skills to safely transport pianos from one location to another, reducing the risk of damage to both the instrument and the individuals involved in the move.

    Long distance piano moving


    Long distance piano moving requires specialized equipment and experienced professionals to ensure the safety of the instrument during transportation. It is important to choose a reputable moving company with a proven track record when moving a piano long distance.

    Local piano movers


    We offer local piano moving service Our team of experienced movers will ensure that your piano is transported safely and securely to its new location, whether it's across town or just down the street. We understand the unique challenges involved in moving pianos and take every precaution to protect your instrument during the move.

    Piano moving service

    Preparing a piano for transport involves several steps, such as wrapping the instrument in protective materials and securing the lid and pedals. Below is our step by step.

    Preparing the piano

    Our priority is to make sure your valued equipment is risk free when traveling. We gently remove parts that could get caught by something unexpected like hinges, lids, legs, pedals and castors.

    Protecting the piano

    Wrapping starts with the correct protection from point to point on the piano using thick moving blankets. The blankets are designed to be thicker than normal blankets and built for protection.

    Moving the piano

    With wrapping done, strapping and moving the piano is accomplished whereby our professional lifters will gently start clearing potential obstacles and moving your precious piano safely.

    Storing the piano

    We understand that sometimes you might need to store the piano and whether it's a long or short move, we have ample storage available of the best quality to protect your belongings.

    How to order professional piano movers?

    The steps involved to order and finalize a professional moving company is extremely easy and quick:

    1. Get your free estimate
    2. Acceptance
    3. Reminders
    4. Move day
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    Get your free estimate

    Get an estimate by filling in the form online. Thereafter, you will receive a callback from one of our consultants.

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    An email is sent to you for your acceptance.

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    Accept the quote and receive a confirmation email and reminders to keep track of your move. You will receive a reminder two weeks before, one day before, and 30 minutes before the truck arrives.

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    Move Day

    When move day arrives, the friendly and experienced residential movers at AOA Moving are ready to handle every aspect of your move on your behalf.

    Advantages of choosing AOA moving for piano moving

    With AOA Moving, all you get when hiring them is advantages. Here is a list of such advantages.

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    We actually listen to your needs.

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    Our trucks are clean, equipment stored where it should and know the ins and outs of moving.

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    We help with what you need when you need it.

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    We are at the top of the class in the industry and the quality boast about is more like perfection.

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    Experienced and friendly team

    From the first interaction with you, our professional team will have you smiling all the way.

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    Special care for the special items

    Not all items are equal, some delicate items need special care.

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    Correct equipment

    Heavy and sensitive items require detailed prep work before transporting it. Our team is ready for you.

    At AOA Local Moving Services, we understand how stressful moving can be, and how much time and effort goes into planning, organizing, and controlling every detail of your move. By choosing AOA, you can focus on being excited about your new beginning, while your move home service does everything for you. New customers get $20 off their first order. Don’t delay, get your estimate now!

    Last Words


    At our company, we are not only furniture movers, we also specialize in piano moving and aim to provide our customers with a stress-free experience. Contact AOA Moving today to get a free estimate and schedule your piano move. Let us take care of the rest.


    Do you need a piano mover to move a piano?

    It is always best to leave piano moving up to the professionals, it takes skill and heavy labor to move a piano safely.

    What is the best way to move a piano?

    The best way to move a piano is by having it done by the professionals that have the correct equipment to move your piano safely.

    How much does it cost to move a piano?

    Every move has different specifications. Get a free estimate from AOA Moving online now.

    How much does it cost to move a piano across the country?

    Different aspects will determine the cost of our piano move across the country. Get a free estimate for the best long distance piano movers now.

    Why do pianos need special movers?

    Pianos are extremely heavy and fragile, therefore requiring specific manpower, specialized equipment, strength and skill to move.


    Complete the form below and an associate will get back to you regarding your free moving estimate. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you keep your belongings safe and secure in your upcoming move.

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