Oklahoma, a state noted for its rich history, cultural variety, and economic resiliency, is becoming a more enticing destination for visitors. According to the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Oklahoma continues to be among the top 10 states for domestic migration in 2023. This trend leads many to ask, «Is Oklahoma a good place to live?». ​Oklahoma’s distinct combination of historic traditions and technological progress has established it as a hub of opportunity for individuals, families, and companies wishing to move.

Reasons to Move

Affordability and Living Costs

Cost of Living in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s cost of living is much cheaper than the national average, making it an intriguing alternative for individuals looking to move elsewhere. Here’s an overview of the living costs, which include housing, utilities, and other items.

Housing and Utilities

  • Average Housing Costs: Monthly housing costs range from $659 to $1,387, with the typical home value in Oklahoma reported at $183,733 as of February 2023, nearly half the national median sale price​​ [Cost of Living in Oklahoma (2024) | SoFi].
  • Utility Costs: The average monthly utility bill in Oklahoma is around $397, covering electricity, gas, cable & internet, and water​​ [Cost of Living in Oklahoma (2024) | SoFi].

Additional Living Costs

Market Highlights

Job Market and Economic Diversity in Oklahoma

industry in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s economic landscape in 2023 is marked by strong development and diversity across a variety of industries. The state has seen significant investments and employment development, indicating a bright future for prospective people and companies.

Key Industries:

  • Technology & Data Centers: Oklahoma’s competitive advantages, such as an abundance of water, renewable energy, and some of the lowest power prices in the country, have drawn large corporations such as Google and Dell. The state now serves as a hub for data centers and back-office activities [Key Industry Sectors | Oklahoma Commerce].
  • Manufacturing: Oklahoma’s central position, multi-modal transportation infrastructure, and strong supply chains make it an excellent site for industrial activities. The sector includes food processing, aircraft, piping, and plastics, with thousands of successful manufacturing enterprises [Key Industry Sectors | Oklahoma Commerce].
  • Renewable Energy: Oklahoma is a pioneer in renewable energy, ranking third in wind energy generation and sixth in solar potential. This is due to institutional knowledge, a competent workforce, and strategic efforts [Key Industry Sectors | Oklahoma Commerce].
  • Traditional Energy: Oklahoma has been at the forefront of conventional energy research and development for almost a century, contributing to the world energy supply [Key Industry Sectors | Oklahoma Commerce].
  • Transportation and Logistics: Oklahoma’s strategic location is supported by its infrastructure, which includes four inland ports, 3,850 miles of rail, and 12,000 miles of roadway. This makes it an appealing base for logistical operations and distribution facilities for corporations like Amazon, Dollar Tree, Macy’s, and others [Key Industry Sectors | Oklahoma Commerce].

Job Growth

Job growth was consistent through the year and in November alone, the state added 800 jobs. An increase over the year totals 16,300 jobs, the CES survey reports. The broader CPS employment measure also moved up by 70,137 jobs over the year. This just reiterates the state’s dynamism, not in job markets but the ability to draw and keep talents too [Oklahoma Job Growth | Department of Numbers].

Economic Expansion

In 2023, according to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, a total of 71 announcements have accounted for the creation of at least 6,532 jobs from new and expanding companies. This signifies potential investments to a tune of up to $7.8 billion around the state. It continues to prove Oklahoma as an attractive environment for business establishment or expansion​​.

Oklahoma’s economy is thriving, with a diverse array of sectors contributing to its growth and resilience. This diversity translates to opportunities not just in terms of jobs but also in positioning Oklahoma as a state of dynamism with regard to its economy: perfect for people and families seeking new opportunities, as well as businesses looking to expand or even relocate.

Cultural and Recreational Life

Tulsa Juneteenth

Oklahoma’s cultural and recreational life is dynamic and diversified, offering activities and events for all ages and interests. From commemorating native and multicultural heritage to enjoying outdoor activities, the state provides a diverse range of experiences.

Cultural Festivals and Events:

  • Tulsa Juneteenth: An annual celebration that highlights Black culture with live music, food, a 5K run, and more, drawing over 50,000 attendees to commemorate freedom from slavery​​ [2023 Oklahoma Festival Guide | Oklahoma Living].
  • Porter Peach Festival: Celebrates the local peach harvest with activities like a talent show, culinary contest, and free peaches and ice cream​​ ic, food, a 5K run, and more, drawing over 50,000 attendees to commemorate freedom from slavery​​ [2023 Oklahoma Festival Guide | Oklahoma Living].
  • Rush Springs Watermelon Festival: Known for its watermelon competitions and a free watermelon feed, attracting 25,000 visitors​​ ic, food, a 5K run, and more, drawing over 50,000 attendees to commemorate freedom from slavery​​ [2023 Oklahoma Festival Guide | Oklahoma Living].
  • FireLake Fireflight Balloon Fest: Offers balloon launchings, musical entertainment, and a kids’ zone​​.
  • Guymon Fiesta: A celebration of Hispanic culture with food trucks, music, and dancing ic, food, a 5K run, and more, drawing over 50,000 attendees to commemorate freedom from slavery​​ [2023 Oklahoma Festival Guide | Oklahoma Living]​​.
  • Talihina Fall Foliage Festival: A seasonal event to enjoy Oklahoma’s colorful fall foliage with live music, a car show, and a petting zoo ic, food, a 5K run, and more, drawing over 50,000 attendees to commemorate freedom from slavery​​ [2023 Oklahoma Festival Guide | Oklahoma Living]​​.

Recreational Activities:

  • Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden: A destination for witnessing diverse flora and fauna, offering educational experiences for families​​.
  • Broken Bow Lake: Offers outdoor activities like sightseeing, fishing, and hiking around its serene waters​​.
  • Myriad Botanical Gardens: An urban park in Oklahoma City that features a sunken lake and diverse plant life, perfect for a family outing​​.
  • Frontier City: An amusement park with thrilling rides and a vintage carnival vibe, suitable for families and kids​​.
  • Museum of Osteology and Skulls Unlimited: Showcases a vast collection of skeletons from various species, offering an educational experience​​.

Whether it’s taking part in cultural festivals that highlight Oklahoma’s rich past or indulging in recreational activities that explore its natural beauty, there’s always something to do in Oklahoma that adds to its appeal as a dynamic destination to live and travel. To plan your visit and learn more about activities in Oklahoma, visit the official tourist website, TravelOK.

Education in Oklahoma

Education in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s educational landscape, from K-12 to higher education, is comprehensive, reflecting an ongoing commitment to improving educational outcomes, despite the problems that come with the territory.

The Oklahoma State School Boards Association predicts that the average teacher salary for the 2023 school year will be $55,541, a 23% increase over the previous six years. Despite an increase in teacher salary, Oklahoma’s teacher shortage remains serious; a record-breaking 4,797 emergency teaching certificates were given in the same year, demonstrating how the state’s education system has to be improved.

EdWeek’s review of Oklahoma’s educational possibilities is divided. The state receives a C in the “Chance-for-Success” category, placing 47th nationally, with some specific issues in school years and adult results indicating areas that require improvement. Early foundations in schooling get the highest ratings, with a B-minus. The state ranks 45th in school finance, both in terms of spending and equality, indicating lower per-student investments compared to national norms.

Oklahoma’s higher education system is diversified, with universities offering a variety of programs and community participation opportunities. Oklahoma Christian University and Southwestern Oklahoma State University are recognized for their academic offerings and value. Oklahoma Christian University is recognized for its business, engineering, and health professions programs within a Christian education context, while Southwestern Oklahoma State University is featured for its nursing and business administration programs [Best Colleges & Universities in Oklahoma 2024 | EDsmart].

Despite these challenges, Oklahoma’s education system continues to struggle with guaranteeing excellent education while maintaining student success. The attempts to preserve Oklahoma’s educational system include teacher salaries and efforts to address the issue of teacher scarcity. The multiplicity of higher education alternatives provides students with a variety of academic and professional development opportunities.

Natural Beauty and Climate

Oklahoma experiences a range of temperatures, with mean annual values from 58°F in the north to 62°F along the Red River, and extreme summer highs exceeding 100°F in western regions. Precipitation varies significantly, from about 17 inches annually in the western panhandle to approximately 56 inches in the southeast, highlighting the state’s diverse climate and natural landscapes​ [Climate of Oklahoma | Oklahoma Climatological Survey]

The state’s natural beauty is as diverse as its climate, featuring everything from the lush, green hills of the east to the stark, beautiful plains and sand dunes of the west. Oklahoma offers an array of outdoor recreation opportunities, from hiking in the Wichita Mountains to boating on one of its many lakes.

Practical Moving Tips

Check below for practical moving tips to Oklahoma with AOA Moving Services, starting with organized moving using the our moving checklist and packing guide.

When searching for homes in Oklahoma, consider utilizing platforms like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia for a comprehensive view of available listings. These platforms cater to the varied landscapes and housing markets across the state, offering detailed filters to narrow down your search based on your specific needs and preferences.

The websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Oklahoma State Employment Security Commission are helpful in the job hunt.

Since each part of Oklahoma has its opportunities and challenges, research and planning become the key to a smooth transition. Visit AOA Moving Services’ overall blog for more moving tips and insights.


Oklahoma offers a unique blend of affordable living, diverse job markets, rich cultural experiences, excellent educational institutions, and beautiful natural landscapes, making it an ideal place for growth, community, and quality of life. If you’re considering making this state your home, AOA Moving Services is here to ensure a smooth transition. With expertise in moving to Oklahoma, AOA provides the resources, support, and services you need. Start your move by visiting AOA Moving Services today.